Awesome - thanks! I wonder if using serve, instead of serve/servlet, may 
also avoid the extra functionality described in "Stateless Servlets" that I 
mentioned in another thread here:!topic/racket-users/fc0mRI-empE

On Friday, November 30, 2018 at 1:57:00 PM UTC-5, Bogdan Popa wrote:
> Brian Adkins writes: 
> > I just did a quick test, and "kill <pid>" will stop the Racket web 
> server, 
> > but not gracefully. In other words, it doesn't allow the current request 
> to 
> > finish. Maybe another signal will gracefully stop it? 
> I personally run the server with serve[1] which runs it in a background 
> thread and I keep a reference to the returned stopper function and 
> finally do something along the lines of 
>     (with-handlers ([exn:break? (lambda (e) (stopper))]) 
>       (sync/enable-break never-evt)) 
> in my main thread.  As I understand it[2], exn:break? will be truthy for 
> SIGINT, SIGTERM and SIGHUP (though there are also the exn:break:hang-up? 
> and exn:break:terminate? predicates) on UNIX, so this should "catch" all 
> of those and gracefully terminate my server. 
> [1]: 
> [2]: 

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