Hi all,

If I want to develop a new plot type, would I do best to:

1. Build on plot, or
2. Build on pict?

I suspect #1.

If I want to (say) have a number line, I would like to have an x-axis,
centered in my plot area (vertically), and no y-axis. I've been reading the
plot code for scatter plots, and I'm not clear where/how, if I were to
implement in a similar way, where I would override/parameterize for
changing the axes. (There's near and far axes (bottom and top) in 2D
renderers, but I don't seem to get to decide where they go vertically in
the plot space.)

Then, would I be drawing to it using the utilities built into plot, or do I
convert to a dc% in some way, and leverage pict, or... ?

In short, I feel like I should be building on plot/extending plot, I don't
want to reinvent wheels that are already invented, but I'm not yet sure
where the best starting point is. Do I develop a new plot type, dig deeper
into how axes are drawn, or do I do everything with overlays, or ...?

Many thanks,

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