Thank you so much for this!

If I can suggest a project for next month's spotlight:

- Christopher Lemmer Webber, co-editor of the ActivityPub specs, is working 
on a distributed social network library based on Racket:
  It's still in early development, but I think it's an important project to 
give visibility to ;)

Maybe we could also have a spotlight section for #lang languages too?

- The brag parser generator is obviously a good project.
- The video lang by Leif is also pretty awesome.
- The slideshow lang might be a great pick too.
- Obviously scribble.

On Friday, March 15, 2019 at 12:03:47 PM UTC+1, Paulo Matos wrote:
> I have just published Issue 4 at 
> Grab a coffee and enjoy! 
> -- 
> Paulo Matos 

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