Thanks Alex, that was very helpful.

> it is not clear from the document how any of it can be useful.  

I got this same feedback from some friends on the 0.1 release.

Also, it is not clear
> what `Department?` and `Course?` are in the first code snippet -- are they
> functions that the user has to provide or is it something that your library
> generates by looking at the database schema?

I was planning on building the "generate functions by looking at the 
database schema" functionality later, but now I realize it might be a 
prerequisite for good documentation.

I would suggest to provide a database schema and some sample data in a
> database, and use this in the subsequent examples.  Start with a simple but
> complete working example and construct more complex, but still complete and
> working examples from them, at each step illustrating the benefits that the
> library provides.  Maybe contrast each step with how the plain SQL would 
> look
> as well?

I'm glad you said this because I am planning on doing this. I wrote the 
post you read hoping I could revise those ideas into a shorter, punchier 
"opening argument" before starting the slower walkthrough. But if it wasn't 
clear to you, I don't think I can possibly make it clear to Plisqin's 
target audience (some SQL experience, no Racket experience).

Documentation is hard!

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