You're omitting some key facts. So no, I don't agree with your legal analysis. 

But the underlying point remains: there is unnecessary murkiness around 
Racket's licensing status. 

> On 23 Aug 19, at 11:24 AM, Alexis King <> wrote:
> AFAIK, copyright of the Racket codebase is not the Racket core team’s to 
> give. Racket has no CLA, so its copyright belongs to all of the individual 
> contributors, core team members or not. If the Racket core team did own the 
> copyright, the relicensing effort would have amounted to little more than a 
> decision. But as-is, whether the SFC takes ownership of copyrights held by 
> the core team or not is irrelevant, as any individual Racket contributor 
> could choose to enforce the terms of the license for their contributions 
> should they desire. But I’m sure you knew all that already—you’re the 
> lawyer—so I’m curious what you know that I don’t.

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