wrote on 8/28/19 11:45 AM:
Perhaps naively (IANAL), I am willing to be the guinea pig who [...]

I really would've expected the applied game theory civil disobedience / anarchism to kick in on a *different* Racket issue. :)

If someone violates (their non-lawyer interpretation of) the Racket license, in a conspicuous manner like you suggest, would they not expect the SFC to send them a nastygram -- perhaps if only for the SFC to show that they defend the copyright, if not for other reasons?

Racket core doesn't necessarily even have to be in the loop: https://www.itworld.com/article/2732025/gpl-enforcement-sparks-community-flames.html

That seems like it would be bad for Racket.

I look forward to a few different things getting straightened out in September, and then we all can look back, and blame The Racket Fugue on this summer's record heat, when no one knew what they were doing.

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