On Monday, August 26, 2019 at 4:45:44 AM UTC-4, Arie van Wingerden wrote:
> When Racket2 was announced, I got really upset, being afraid that all what 
> I like about (the old) Racket would be at stake. Also it was mentioned that 
> the docs would be based on Racket2 syntax, which probably would hamper 
> using them for old school Racket. 
> I really think that old school Racket should be saved for the future, 
> because it is the Scheme to go for many reasons e.g. superb IDE + debugging 
> and many good packages and of course the whole creative eco system. 
> Question 1: 
> Please can you explicitly guarantee that Racket (#lang racket) will be 
> available for the future? 
> Question 2: 
> Can you explicitely guarantee that the documentation for #lang racket will 
> be available in the future? 
> Please know that I love DrRacket as a whole and that I am not against 
> Racket2 at all. I just like my favorite old Racket language to be available 
> foreveršŸ˜Š 
> Many thx for DrRacket and keep up the good work! 
> Best wishes.

The Racket project leadership will be offering clarification once they're 
able to meet together, see the following:


I can empathize with your concern, but I am no longer concerned about the 
future of #lang racket. There are simply too many great things about it for 
it not to continue, and in a very unlikely worst case scenario, in my 
opinion, it would be easier to fork the software and continue to 
maintain/enhance it then it would be to bring another Scheme, such as Chez, 
up to the same productivity level. And to be clear, I do *not* at all 
expect the worst case scenario :)

Since my post (referenced above), I have decided to not wait for the Racket 
project leadership, and have gone "all in" with #lang racket, and I plan on 
continuing with that attitude for the foreseeable future. I expect to be 
able to add some new packages to the great set we already have before the 
new syntax is completed :)

Brian Adkins

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