On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 02:50:06PM -0700, Ilnar Selimcan wrote:
> Arithmetic expressions can be included in s-expression code by simply 
> wrapping them with $ signs, like in Latex.

LaTeX ... interesting.

It is a pure notation without semantics.  That is, it is a notation 
whose semantics *is* notation.  Although mathematical expressions 
(which Latex is all about) have tree structure (like MathML does, and 
is excessively wordy), for the most part latex represents mathematics 
as just a symbol cluster.  It does have some nesting, indicated by 
special brackets, for when the layout itself needs two-dimensions.

That said, it doesn't even have a stable syntax.  I tried to find a 
grammar for parsing LaTeX, and discovered there is none.  It seems 
LaTeX's macros do the parsing, and they're a Turing-complete laanguage.

It makes me appreciate Scribble.

-- hendrik

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