Thanks to the hard work of Bogdan Popa 
<>, you can now run 
Racket-on-ChezScheme inside docker containers using the jackfirth/racket 
<> DockerHub repository. The 
ChezScheme image variants are tagged as jackfirth/racket:{version}-cs or 
jackfirth/racket:{version}-cs-full, depending on whether you want the 
minimal installation of Racket or the full installation. For example, this 

  docker run -it jackfirth/racket:7.4-cs

...will pull the minimal Racket-on-ChezScheme 7.4 image and run a REPL 
inside it. Note that running on ChezScheme is only possible for version 7.4 
and above. For more information about the Racket images, see the 
jackfirth/racket-docker <> GitHub 

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