This is what `define/generic` is for. In your example:

On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 11:08 AM Kevin Forchione <> wrote:
> (struct A (this other) #:transparent
>   #:methods gen:foo
>   [(define (do-foo foo)
>      (printf "other=~a ~a"
>              (A-this foo)
>              (do-foo (A-other foo))))])

The call to `(doo-foo (A-other foo))` is simply a recursive call to
the function that you're in the middle of defining. In order to call
the generic method and have it dispatched appropriately, you need to
use `define/generic`:

(struct A (this other) #:transparent
  #:methods gen:foo
  [(define/generic generic-foo do-foo)
   (define (do-foo foo)
     (printf "other=~a ~a"
             (A-this foo)
             (generic-foo (A-other foo))))])

- Jon

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