I have some code that uses my library, "remap". It previously used to work, 
but in Racket CS 7.6, it fails saying "invalid memory reference.  Some 
debugging context lost".
Clicking the crosses in DrRacket gives this backtrace:

invalid memory reference.  Some debugging context lost

/home/hashim/racket/collects/racket/private/for.rkt: 2020:10 
            (hash-set table key val))))

/home/hashim/racket/collects/racket/private/for.rkt: 1503:16 
                  (let-values ([(fold-var ...) (let () expr1 expr ...)])
                  (values fold-var ...)))))]

/home/hashim/racket/collects/racket/private/for.rkt: 1543:38 
                                      #'(let-values ([(fold-var ...)
[orig-stx inner-recur nested? #f ()]
                                                      ([fold-var fold-var] 
                                                      next-k break-k 
                                                      rest expr1 . body)])
                                        (if (and post-guard ... (not 
                                            (for-loop fold-var ... loop-arg 
... ...)

My tests, that use the library functions, seem to work, but for some reason 
when I'm building a hash from my structures.
The file found 
is present in the "issue" branch in my repo and running this file in 
DrRacket will reproduce the problem.

>From the file, removing the measurement-units table definition and its 
references fixes the problem (the memory error then no longer occurs).

Any ideas what's up with this? I'd be happy to provide more information to 
narrow this down, but I'm not really sure how.

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