Hi all,

I'm a mathematician delving into type theory and proof assistants and with 
special interests in Racket.

I'm now trying to understand and implement P. Ragde's Proust 
<https://arxiv.org/abs/1611.09473> "nano proof assistant" and work through 
the examples in his article. However, I'm pretty much a beginner in Racket 
and I'm getting some errors. Particularly in the type-infer function, 
that's also used in the type-check function.

Here is the code in the article:

(define (type-check ctx expr type)
  (match expr
    [(Lam x t)                           ; lambda expression
        (match type
           [(Arrow tt tw) (type-check (cons `(,x ,tt) ctx) t tw)]     ; 
arrow type
           [else (cannot-check ctx expr type)])]
    [else (if (equal? (type-infer ctx expr) type) true (cannot-check ctx 
expr type))]))

(define (type-infer ctx expr)
  (match expr
    [(Lam _ _) (cannot-infer ctx expr)]
    [(Ann e t)  (type-check ctx e t) t]
    [(App f a)                            ; function application
      (define tf (type-infer ctx f))
         (match tf
            [(Arrow tt tw) #:when (type-check ctx a tt) tw]
            [else (cannot-infer ctx expr)])]
    [(? symbol? x)
             [(assoc x ctx) => second]
             [else (cannot-infer ctx expr)])]))

The first question I have is: what's the (Ann e t) supposed to mean, 
because I'm getting a syntax error? Is it a type annotation? If so, 
shouldn't everything be inside the #lang typed/racket module and type 
annotations everywhere?

Secondly, the functions don't seem to work like this, as I'm getting failed 
matches for everything that's not a lambda expression. Can you please help 
me clarify the code there or maybe it's already available somewhere? 
Because just typing in the examples in the article simply doesn't work. I 
can understand what they are supposed to do, but I lack the skills to fix 
things myself.

Thank you!

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