On Sunday, March 15, 2020 at 10:00:59 AM UTC-4, Adrian Manea wrote:
> I'm a mathematician delving into type theory and proof assistants and with 
> special interests in Racket.
> I'm now trying to understand and implement P. Ragde's Proust 
> <https://arxiv.org/abs/1611.09473> "nano proof assistant" and work 
> through the examples in his article. However, I'm pretty much a beginner in 
> Racket and I'm getting some errors.

Hi! Sorry, I only get this list as a digest, so I didn't see your message 
until this morning. The code in the paper is not complete, and the paper 
isn't written so that a beginner in Racket could easily extract a working 
program from it. When I teach students this material, I give them a working 
starter file, and I will send that to you by private email, where we can 
also continue to discuss as needed.

I am at this moment working on converting my course materials on this topic 
into a free online resource similar to the one I did for functional data 
structures. But this is not ready yet. I hope to finish it in the next few 
months and I will post here when it is ready. --PR

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