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>Hi Matthew,
>Thank you for the quick reply!
>I tried the example you gave for my first question and it resulted in an 
>I have the following as `module-that-defines-fib`:
>  #lang racket
>  (provide fib)
>  (define fib "fib")
>And this is the error that I got (using Racket 7.6):
>  ; application: not a procedure;
>  ;  expected a procedure that can be applied to arguments
>  ;   given: "fib"
>  ; [,bt for context]

I've run into this problem before ... I don't recall the official
explanation, but my takeaway was that Racket does not permit you to
directly *export* a value - you have to export a function or macro
that produces the value.

  #lang racket
  (provide fib)
  (define (fib) "fib")

>I think this is because `(define-values (x) ...)` expands `...` without the 
>top-level-bind-scope, even when expand-context-to-parsed? is #t (according 
>to expander/expand/top.rkt). Is this a bug?
>Related to your answer to my second question, `define-syntaxes` similarly 
>does not add the top-level-bind-scope when expanding `...`. Does this mean 
>that even for `define-syntaxes`, `...` won't use the top-level-bind-scope 
>binding(s) after all?
>A little bit off-topic, in the definition of define-values (in 
>expander/expand/top.rkt), there is `(define-match m s ...)`, but for 
>define-syntaxes it is `(define-match m disarmed-s ...)`. Is this difference 
>significant? Or does define-match not care whether `s` or `disarmed-s` is 

I don't know the internals so I can't evaluate your theory.



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