> On Mar 23, 2020, at 13:46, George Neuner <gneun...@comcast.net> wrote:
> I've run into this problem before ... I don't recall the official
> explanation, but my takeaway was that Racket does not permit you to
> directly *export* a value - you have to export a function or macro
> that produces the value.
> E.g., 
>  #lang racket
>  (provide fib)
>  (define (fib) "fib")

I’m not sure what issue you may have run into in the past, but Racket certainly 
has no issue with exporting a value. (After all, functions are values.) The 
issue described in this thread is (a) entirely syntactic (it’s an issue of 
binding/scoping, not runtime behavior), and (b) only occurs at the top-level 
(i.e. in the REPL, outside of a module). Matthew has already provided a 
detailed explanation of why the issue occurs.

It’s true that you cannot set! imported bindings, but that’s quite separate 
from the problem discussed in this thread (which appears to be resolved).

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