> You can do "make base" instead, which installs no packages. Or you can do 
> something like 'make PKGS=drracket' which just installs DrRacket and 
> dependencies, or similar with other packages. 

I am installing in-place but racket cs, not racket bc, so IIUC `make base` 
isn't what I want. PKGS confuses me a bit at least having read both the 
build.md notes and your comment. From the build notes I understand it 
controls what gets build (or linked in place) that's already in racket/pkgs 
dir - that would be the packages that are being developed alongside racket 
in the same repository. But then the notes say that PKGS defaults to the 
main-distribution like you said and apparently that brings in stuff beyond 
the racket/pkgs dir. I guess I can run with PKGS="" and see if indeed the 
racket/pkgs are still being built and linked, cause I really want them to. 
They are the ones I'd consider base.

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