Hi Racket+NixOS-heads out there,

I was trying to use `raco setup --fix-pkg-deps` to get the dependencies of 
my package automatically fixed, but it would fail with a lot of "cannot 
delete file" errors.  That's because `raco setup --fix-pkg-deps` looks at 
all packages, including the system-wide ones, which are immutable on NixOS 
(or under Nix, more generally).

It is actually easy to prevent `raco setup` from messing with the immutable 
parts of the installation by running it with the additional flag 
`--avoid-main`, like this:

  `$ raco setup --fix-pkg-deps --avoid-main`

Easy when you know where to look :-)

On a side note, I am a little bit surprised that `raco setup 
--fix-pkg-deps` does nothing to user-specific packages when it fails on the 
system-wide ones.  I'd expect it to fail gracefully and operate on those 
sets of packages to which it has the rights.  But hey, having an explicit 
command line switch to control that behaviour is still fine by me.


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