I'm trying to figure out how to set current-module-name-resolver in advance of 
all other code for a process. I'm guessing this would require a custom launcher 
that does (for example) `racket -l foo/replace-resolver bar.rkt`.

In that sense, I expect that a `replace-resolver` of the form below wouldn't 
work because it runs at phase 0, after the expander resolved everything for 

How do I do what I mean here across all phases, for all uses of 
(dynamic-|local-)require everywhere in my program?

(let ([old (current-module-name-resolver)])



     [(declared-module-name src-namespace)

      (old declared-module-name src-namespace)]

     [(module-path source-module stx should-load?)

      (old (maybe-rewrite-module-path module-path source-module)






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