On 6/1/2020 3:40 PM, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt wrote:
I'm skeptical both of the DB explanation and the multi-core
explanation. As you say, the difference between something like Django
and Racket is much too large to be explained by that. For example, on
the "plaintext" benchmark, Racket serves about 700 req/sec (I get
similar results on my machine). Many of the benchmarks in languages
like Python and Ruby do more than 1000x better, which means that even
if we had perfect speedup on 32 cores, we'd be nowhere close.
Additionally, the "plaintext" benchmark doesn't touch the DB at all. I
tried commenting out all of the DB code entirely, and it did not
change the results.

My guess is that the web server is just doing a lot of per-response
work that would need to be optimized.


Possibly ... I admit that I did not look at the plain text results: I was drawn to the fact that the DB results impose a lot of non-Racket overhead.


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