Bogdan Popa writes:

> Only dispatchers get direct access to the output port for the socket.
> If you use `dispatch/servlet', then it takes care of taking your
> `response' value and calling `output-response' on it.  Unless the server
> knows the connection should be closed and unless the request was a HEAD
> request, then it outputs the response by chunking it:

I was wrong about this.  The web-server does the right thing if the
`Content-Length' header is present in the response value:

When I change the benchmark to take advantage of that, throughput doubles:

I'll make a PR against the main repo to make sure all of the responses
have content lengths.

Out of curiosity, I made the app fork through FFI calls[1]:

This worked although multiple processes wake up when a connection can be
accepted and the IO layer doesn't seem to handle `EAGAIN':

racket: Connection error: tcp-accept: accept from listener failed
racket:   system error: Resource temporarily unavailable; errno=11
racket:   context...:
racket:    .../more-scheme.rkt:261:28
racket:    /root/.racket/7.7/pkgs/compatibility-lib/mzlib/thread.rkt:75:14: loop


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