I'm looking at profiling some code for performance and tried out the Racket 
profile package but I'm not sure what the numbers mean.  

Here is a very simple example:

Here's a run from my actual code:

What is Total, versus Self versus Local?   Even in the simple, single threaded, 
example the percentages add up to much more than 100.  So how do they relate to 
each other?   Does this mean that some items are multi-step processes which 
include some of the other items?  In the multi threaded example, are some 
processes concurrent and, therefore, representing simultaneous execution on 
different processor cores?  In any case, the point is to be able to look at the 
output and figure out where the code is taking a lot of time.  If I am guessing 
correctly the numbers in the Idx column actually represent blocks of code 
(s-expressions?) rather than lines of text in the code.

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