In October 2020, we'll be holding a virtual RacketCon, rather than an
in-person meeting as usual. We hope to get back to normal in 2021. We
have not worked out the exact dates and details, but have a few

We're thinking about following PLDI, where the general model is to
have pre-recorded talks, which I would help presenters prepare,
followed by live Q&A with an MC relaying questions from Slack. We'd
hope to have the usual State of Racket presentation from Matthew,
which would lead into a town hall Q&A/comment session with members of
the Racket team.

The main details we need to work out now are exactly which and how
many days to run it and in what time slots and in what time zones. I
would greatly appreciate any comments you have in response to this

Thank you!


Jay McCarthy
Associate Professor @ CS @ UMass Lowell
Vincit qui se vincit.

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