Neil Van Dyke <> writes:

> I think anyone using XML or HTML seriously with Racket should probably at 
> least
> be told of the SXML family of tools.  And warned about the compatibility
> problems.
> Though not tell them *everywhere* XML&HTML in the docs.  For example, I 
> figure a
> tutorial for Racket Web Server shouldn't distract readers with that.
> As you know, :) there are some useful tools using SXML, and Oleg's SSAX parser
> has some different properties than core Racket's XML parser.
> Complication: The incompatibility between SXML and core Racket's 
> representations
> of XML&HTML is an unfortunate accident of parallel invention, and I think will
> tend to be confusing to new people.  I once tried to address the confusion in
> the `sxml-intro` documentation package,
> "";, and I'm unhappy with the
> result.  The details in my document say more than perhaps anyone will ever 
> want
> to know, and, "optics"-wise, make the situation look worse than it actually is
> in practice.  I think you could do a more graceful job of this.
> (Someday, someone might undertake the large task of SXML-ifying all the many
> non-SXML bits of Racket, and incidentally reunite Racket with the rest of the
> Scheme community in that regard.  I started, with one piece, but got
> interrupted. ""  :)

Thanks for this! Tbh, I never knew of this.

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