Sandboxed filesystem and unsafety access is too strict for many
purposes. For documentation, I recommend using a trusted sandbox by
wrapping the sanebox creation with


At Sun, 16 Aug 2020 00:45:46 -0700 (PDT), Deren Dohoda wrote:
> Hi Racketeers,
> I'm going in absolute circles trying to understand what I might be doing 
> wrong. I can use the command line scribble to generate html, which works 
> fine except a problem showing #<pict> instead of an actual plot/pict image. 
> And for that matter the package installs fine using a local install. But 
> trying to run the scribble file in DrRacket always gives me errors like 
> "cannot read racket-prefs.rkt" or other errors like "cannot reference an 
> identifier without a definition" and sometimes it will give me errors like 
> I have used (protect-out ...) somewhere but I am definitely not as I didn't 
> even learn about this kind of provide until I saw this error.
> Does anyone using Windows have experience getting rid of this message or 
> have an idea what I might be doing wrong? I have a feeling that this 
> message isn't actually the problem and it's something to do with sandbox 
> somehow.
> @(define this-eval (parameterize ((sandbox-output 'string)
>                                   (sandbox-error-output 'string)
>                                   (sandbox-memory-limit 100))
>                      (make-evaluator 'racket/base #:requires '("main.rkt" 
> "fit.rkt" plot/pict)
>                                      (print-as-expression #f) 
>                                      )))
> Thanks,
> Deren

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