I’ve started a small collection!


These are GitHub templates so you use them by clicking ‘use this template‘
on the repo

I’m looking for more ideas/contributions;
>From the top of my head;
- ‘worker service’ (dotnet new has this)
- DrRacket plugin
- Keybinding package
- Teachpack
- raco command
- scribble (multiple)
- pollen (multiple)
- slideshow
- racket embedded in c app

Can you suggest(or submit) any others?

<<Some are obvious and simple if you are already a racketeer but one of the
reasons is to give new users another way ins>>

Are language specific templates a good idea?
- typed racket
- datalog
- parenlog
- rosette

  Thoughts suggestions criticisms appreciated!


On Wed, 19 Aug 2020 at 00:02, Stephen De Gabrielle <spdegabrie...@gmail.com>

> I got jealous that dot net has dotnet new with lots of templates so I made
> a GitHub template for a cli command
> https://github.com/spdegabrielle/cli-command
> If you have an idea for a template you should make one!
> If you have a cool package that can be demonstrated as an application
> maybe consider a template as a way to introduce new Racketeers to your
> package?
> Best
> Stephen
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