I am not sure that a template in the style of "dotnet new" is directly 
applicable for Racket --  the .Net framework is, well a framework. which is 
a library that expects the users to structure their own programs in certain 
ways.  The templates fill the need of setting up the boilerplate code for 
different kind of applications as required by the .Net framework.  Racket 
applications don't need large amounts of "setup code", most of the code is 
very specific to the application itself, so not sure what a template would 
contain apart from very basic things.

I think Racket would benefit by a suite of applications which are small but 
not trivial and with a source code which is commented in more detail than a 
regular application.  I attempted to do this with my blog posts, some of 
which describe more-or-less complete applications (most of them games). The 
entire source code is in a single file which can be run directly and is 
available as a GitHub Gist linked from the blog posts.

Here are some examples:

* ishido game (936 lines):  
* tetris game (893 
lines): https://gist.github.com/alex-hhh/2233aee39852f4e0aead4af4cafb40d5
* chess board (893 lines): 
* password generator GUI (346 lines): 
* password generator, command line (142 lines): 

These are of course not templates, but they could serve as the starting 
points for users who already have some experience with programming and want 
to try out some more complex programs.


On Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 5:49:37 AM UTC+8 Stephen De Gabrielle wrote:

> I’ve started a small collection!
> https://github.com/racket-templates
> These are GitHub templates so you use them by clicking ‘use this template‘ 
> on the repo
> I’m looking for more ideas/contributions;
> From the top of my head;
> - ‘worker service’ (dotnet new has this)
> - DrRacket plugin
> - Keybinding package
> - Teachpack
> - raco command
> - scribble (multiple)
> - pollen (multiple)
> - slideshow
> - racket embedded in c app
> Can you suggest(or submit) any others?
> <<Some are obvious and simple if you are already a racketeer but one of 
> the reasons is to give new users another way ins>>
> Are language specific templates a good idea?
> - typed racket
> - datalog
> - parenlog
> - rosette
>   Thoughts suggestions criticisms appreciated!
> Stephen
> On Wed, 19 Aug 2020 at 00:02, Stephen De Gabrielle <spdega...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> I got jealous that dot net has dotnet new with lots of templates so I 
>> made a GitHub template for a cli command 
>> https://github.com/spdegabrielle/cli-command 
>> If you have an idea for a template you should make one!
>> If you have a cool package that can be demonstrated as an application 
>> maybe consider a template as a way to introduce new Racketeers to your 
>> package?
>> Best
>> Stephen
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