> If you had continued reading, you would have seen my comment that NOT ALL 
> news groups support list distribution or posting via email. NNTP is not 
> email.  Usenet group moderators[*] can choose how to make their groups 
> available: the default is via list distribution and NNTP both, but the 
> moderator can deliberately disable one or the other - or only enable digests 
> via email, or disable posting.

I did read that part.  I just didn't understand what you mean.  I still don't.  
NNTP is not involved here, with the Racket community, as far as I know.  The 
one thing that is clear is that NNTP is one of the many different technologies 
which these forums can get fragmented across.  That is a problem.  NNTP was 
originally designed to manage bandwidth way back when transfer of plain text 
was an issue.  Today, text is trivial next to Bit Torrent, Netflix and other 
things which use up orders of magnitude more bandwidth.  I haven't used NNTP in 
more than a decade now so I don't know if there have been improvements but, 
from what I remember, there is no reason to use it today.  I can't think of any 
advantage it has over any other technology at all.  If it does, let me know.  
Sometimes it's good to take another look at an old technology which you thought 
was basically dead.  It's been, what? about 20 years, since an NNTP server was 
considered one of the basic services which you get from your ISP.  

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