I've gained administrative privileges over this list to address the spammer. I 
want to hear from others before I touch anything.

The spams continues because moderation is outright disabled for the list. Our 
other choices are to apply moderation to non-group members only, or everybody.

I cannot select the former because it does nothing for us; the list is 
configured to allow anyone to join the group. I cannot easily select the latter 
because it means accepting moderation overhead, when the community is already 
moving to Discourse.

I've been informed that an invite-only approach might not be appropriate, but 
without moderation, the only option I see is to change the privacy settings. 
Here are the choices Google gives us.

- Invited users only
- Anyone on the web can join
- Anyone on the web can ask

I lean toward "Invited users only" because it's the only option that does not 
carry a moderation requirement, which seems prudent given the state of the 
community. Assuming that I can give vetted, participating members power to 
invite, a path to revival for the mailing list exists without burdening the 
Discourse migration.

Comments welcome, but note that I do not know the chain of command. If it comes 
down to my judgement, please let me know.


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