Core team,

Sam asked me to issue bans for a troublesome spammer. I've done so, even
just today. I understand I need quorum for larger decisions. This is why
I have not yet reconfigured the list to permanently stop the spammer.
After researching the problem further, I need your urgent attention.

I found that the spam messages sometimes link to other Google group
posts affected by the spammer. A recent trail leads to a
comp.lang.python Google message in 2017. I suspect that email addresses
are scraped in unmoderated lists that freely hand out membership. After
checking the list settings, I found that this is one of those lists. I
hypothesize that our email addresses are being scraped and
cross-referenced for use in other unmoderated lists.

It's one thing to flatly complain about a spammer on this list, and
another to willingly maintain a transmission vector. We need to stop
automatically handing out group membership with our current settings. We
can have ________ issue list memberships. I need you all to fill in the
blank with "moderators" or "members." I'll translate the settings

Given the holidays, I respect your time. Please reciprocate with respect
for the urgency this problem creates. I will revoke my own mailing list
privileges and membership in three weeks, on January 8th, 2022. I will
leave the settings however they read at the time to prevent
interruption, and request that own messages then be deleted to limit the
role my email address plays for the spammer.

I am not volunteering to moderate membership applications, and I am not
commenting on how to verify the impact of possible email leaks. Between
the Discourse move and (majority?) perspective towards email, I'm not
sure how I would be useful doing either. If my opinion holds weight, I'd
advise the answer be "members" so that any available moderators can
focus on rule breakers while the community grows at a self-directed speed.

Let me know, and thank you.

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