Hm, Ok. The cherry-pick of 0a8b68b286 does in fact apply cleanly to the v8.3 

I am still having the same issue, though, even after a full clean. Right now, I 
only have command-line tools (latest). I am downloading the full Xcode again 
but it's gonna be a little bit before i can test that, the download is kinda 


> On Jan 17, 2022, at 10:24 AM, Matthew Flatt <> wrote:
> This is a problem with v8.3 and the latest Apple tools. It's fixed for
> the upcoming v8.4 release (so, in the main branch and in the current
> snapshot source distributions).
> In case you want a minimal patch, commit 0a8b68b286 is the repair and
> might apply cleanly to v8.3.

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