So before I would download the minimal windows tar file to a linux
system, untar it, and then zip it back up.

Then that could be copied to the corporate windows system and
unzipped.  And that give a minimal Racket.

The part that has stopped working is I used to be able to, from cmd,

raco pkg install -i racket-lib

raco pkg install --deps search-auto -i main-distribution

And I would have a fully working Racket.

So this required cmd.exe to be run.  Can you run Powershell?  That
can be convinced to do those commands as well but I don't know how to
do that.  There might even be some way in minimal racket to convince
those commands to be run.

What does not work anymore is that one of the packages is blocked by
the corporate proxy now as a "virus" so minimal racket it is.



On 2022-06-18T18:06:54.000+02:00, knigh...@gmail.com
<knighto...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all
> Is there a plain ZIP file for kind-of installing racket? (must be
> ZIP - I can't even get a 7zip uninstaller installed).
> I won't be able to put it in the standard Program Files folder and
> can't associate rkt files but I'm allowed to set up a plain
> directory and run from there. 
> I may download and work with files, but I have no admin on this 
> Windows 10 system
> not even cmd - it's disallowed.
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