If you're really interested, I'll put it up on GitHub, then accept any patches you have for it. I don't have time to work on it right now and I'm planning to cancel my TextDrive account when it expires in June, so my SVN will go away. In the meantime, one can use HaloScan (as the Radiant blog does), or Disqus, which has nice looking comments forms (hellovenado.com uses this).


Arik Jones wrote:
Ryan's doesn't work though. It seems to be conflicting with the page_group_permissions extension (specifically the only_allow_access_to method)

Sean Cribbs wrote:

Wow, I can't believe anyone actually tried that.  It was VERY
incomplete, thus I didn't really announce it.  Use Ryan's if you want
something actually functional.  0.7 will be the blogging release (sorry,
not for a while yet), so we'll probably cook something up based on
Ryan's for that release.


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