I recently upgraded my machine from i386 to amd64 and forgot to dump
my radiant db (in Pg) before.  My fault but then I had backups anyway.
 My problem is I have now one page (build from its children) is now
incorrectly generated (and cached) for some unknown reason.  Main URL
is http://www.keltia.net/photography.  It has several children (/1,
/2, ...) that gets pulled into one page through this:

<r:children:each by="slug" order="asc">
  <h2><r:title /></h2>

  <div class="left">
    <r:content part="left" />
  <div class="main">
    <r:content part="body" />
  <hr />

If you look at the page as it is now, it is truncated :-(

The database entries seems ok and fetching each individual subpage is
fine, only the result.

Any idea on why and how to fix that?
Ollivier Robert -
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