Benny Degezelle said the following on 03/06/08 02:55 PM:
>> $ radiant -v
>> Radiant 0.6.7
>> $ rake production  db:backup:write
>> (in /home/anton/Ruby/Radiant)
>> rake aborted!
>> The Shards extension is required and must be loaded first!
> Anton,
> Since 0.6.7, the shards extension is indeed no longer needed, but one of 
> your other extensions is still looking for it. Some extensions check for 
> the presence of the shards extension in their activate method, and raise 
> the error you pasted when they cannot find it.
> Search for this line in your extensions, and comment it out;
> raise "The Shards extension is required and must be loaded first!" 
> unless defined?(Shards)

I spoke too soon.

$ rake production  db:backup:write
(in /home/anton/Ruby/Radiant)
Writing config...
rake aborted!
undefined method `find' for Config:Module

The great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by
an ugly fact.
    Thomas H. Huxley
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