Daniel Collis-puro wrote:

> Was this done via FUSE?
> http://redhanded.hobix.com/inspect/railsfsAfterACoupleMinutesOfToolingWithFuseWhoa.html
> Seems like that's the "Right" way. I've used FUSE extensively to mount 
> remote filesystems via SSH and it works wonderfully.
> --DJCP

Highly unlikely. FUSE is a modular file system API - basically a simple 
means to build your own file system without actually having to do 
anything majorly complex. Although yes, what you linked to would be a 
cool solution - it still lacks version control. You'd also have to make 
it uber-bespoke to Radiant, and to each model in the Radiant schema, 
otherwise you'll be working with YAML etc. If somebody did build a FUSE 
interface for Radiant, it would be nice if each page is represented by a 
folder, with files corresponding to each page part, with the extension 
being the filter used. A meta file could contain the overall page 


/welcome/ (path is slug)
/welcome/page.meta (YAML settings for page)
/welcome/extended.html (plain/non-filtered)

and so forth...

The real goal here however, is to allow layouts and partials to exist in 
the filesystem (within the 'app/view' folder structure), which 
immediately allows you to use an SCM (SVN, CVS, GIT etc) either for the 
whole project, or as an SVN External (or GIT/CVS equivalent). My 
preference would be to allow both file system and DB based 
layouts/snippets to co-exist, with file system layouts taking precedence 
in case of name clashes. It'd be great to use HAML as well. I'd also 
add, support for Multi-Site would be highly desired.

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