Jonathan McCoy wrote:
> In parallel, it would be nice to add another basic user-level of 
> "Designer", for managing Snippets - in the absence of SCM/file support 
> for layouts/partials.
> In keeping designs and code DRY, we find ourselves using snippets to 
> contain more than user-editable content, and use them heavily for 
> fragments of design logic. As such, we want to keep day-to-day users far 
> away from anything that can cause damage to the site.
> Standard (Pages) -> Designer (+ Snippets) -> Administrator (+ Layouts, 
> Users, etc)
> Does the Developer flag do anything in production mode?
> Thanks,
> Jon.

I've monkey-patched a frozen version of Radiant (0.6.7) with some of the 
functionality I lusted for above. No testing or a "designer" flag (just 
put snippets on the Admin/Dev level). I'd be more inclined to assemble 
patches and tests (to the spec above) if anybody else was interested in 
it being pushed into the trunk?

Would be nice to review the user levels available - or if we're all 
feeling code-happy, granular access control. I can foresee the need for 
the following roles at least:

1. Content Monkey (pages + preferences)
2. Designer (+ layouts + snippets)
3. Developer (+ extensions)
4. Administrator (+ user management)

In hindsight to my previous post, I'd keep the developer flag for the 
benefit of extensions/plugins that need technical setup. Another 
question, is whether flags are more desirable than a user-level number 
(ie 1 to 4) or even a class-name, which can be mapped out to a role 
name. A popup list with userlevels can be used instead. It removes the 
uncertainty of having admin flagged, but developer unflagged -> what 
rights does the user have?!

I am having trouble finding where the user-level is set for the tab 
display - I've traced back through all the libraries, but can't seem to 
find (or rather see) where snippets (or rather other admin/dev tabs) are 

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