On Jun 26, 2008, at 8:36 AM, Jim Gay wrote:
I think it should allow a "group" or "size" option.

<r:if_first size="3"> would apply to the first 3. Working with more than just one would be useful.

I would want to have these tags with that option:
if_first / unless_first
if_last / unless_last

I'm not sure about the name of the parameter though. Perhaps <r:if_first window="3">

How about:

<r:if_index in="1,2,3">    # if it's one of the first 3 children
<r:if_index in="-1,-2,-3"> # if it's one of the last 3 children
<r:if_index is="1">        # equivalent to <r:if_first />
<r:if_index is="-1">       # equivalent to <r:if_last />
<r:if_index is="even">     # if it's an even row
<r:if_index is="odd">      # if index is an odd row

Seems like a 1 based index would be most helpful here.

John Long
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