I've been working on ideas for a help system for Radiant and have tagged version 1 of Help on github:


You can easily create help information for extensions by providing files with the appropriate information, or by injecting partials into the help interface. There is no database dependency so extension authors may safely provide documentation that will easily work with or without Help installed.

A previous version (the 'legacy' branch) required db migration and is obsolete, but I may resurrect ideas from there into an additional extension. Future versions will have a cleaner interface, screenshots for better info, javascript enhancements, etc.

For other extensions that I use, I may write some HELP docs and send pull requests to the owners. Sean's recent message about the share_layouts extension seems like a great way to use this. All that needs to be done is to write up the documentation in a file called HELP_developer.markdown or HELP_admin.textile (for example) and whomever uses the extension will have all the necessary info either in the source, or right there in the Radiant interface if they have Help installed (displayed based on the user's role).

For details on using it, see 

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