Hi Tom

Tom Cloyd wrote:
I'm the guy who's been trying for a couple of weeks (or more) simply to get a Radiant instance up and running. I've posted multiple times to the list about my travails. I'm stalled at the "Bootstrap the Database" section on the Installation page [http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Installation] of the Radiant website. Mohit's recently given me a new idea to follow up on, and I hope to do that very soon.

The method I sent you last was about the exact error that you are facing (wrt OpenSSL and Rails) - it seems to be related to running Ruby/ Rails on Linux and is a problem that seems to have surfaced a few times.

It doesn't seem to be directly related to Radiant though - Radiant suffers from it as do other Rails apps. That said, I hope that it works for you.

Best wishes

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