Burt Adsit wrote:
I'm having a prob installing the rbac_base extension. I've searched the list and found that the devs of this and another extension for radiant seem to have the same problem.

Following the docs:
rake db:migrate:extensions

rake aborted!
SQLite3::SQLException: no such table: roles: SELECT * FROM roles I look in ..rbac_base/db/migrate and find the appropriate migrations to create the needed tables. Aren't *these* the migrations that are trying to be run by db:migrate:extensions? When I browse the list archives I find extension devs talking amongst themselves 2 months ago about this problem. Since I'm new to ruby, rails, radiant and extensions this is *way* over my head. Does anyone have a suggested solution? (other than read the code for all the above) ;)

Hi Burt,

I may be way off here, but two questions for you:
1. Did you bootstrap the database for Radiant?
2. Any chance that your environment is different? I mean did you bootstrap the production database and are now doing Rake without specifying the environment, and therefore ending up with development being migrated?


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