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Burt Adsit wrote:
I'm having a prob installing the rbac_base extension. I've searched the list and found that the devs of this and another extension for radiant seem to have the same problem.

Following the docs:
rake db:migrate:extensions

rake aborted!
SQLite3::SQLException: no such table: roles: SELECT * FROM roles I look in ..rbac_base/db/migrate and find the appropriate migrations to create the needed tables. Aren't *these* the migrations that are trying to be run by db:migrate:extensions? When I browse the list archives I find extension devs talking amongst themselves 2 months ago about this problem. Since I'm new to ruby, rails, radiant and extensions this is *way* over my head. Does anyone have a suggested solution? (other than read the code for all the above) ;)

Hi Burt,

I may be way off here, but two questions for you:
1. Did you bootstrap the database for Radiant?
2. Any chance that your environment is different? I mean did you bootstrap the production database and are now doing Rake without specifying the environment, and therefore ending up with development being migrated?



I don't know how, but I never saw your original message, so I'm glad I caught Mohit's response.

I don't recall the exact problem, but I know that Radiant will try to load extensions if it hasn't been bootstrapped. So Mohit's first question is a good one. Have you bootstrapped already?

If not, move the extension up into vendor (and out of the extensions directory), rake db:bootstrap, then move it back and rake db:migrate:extensions.

We'll be adding some other features to rbac_base in the future, so please send any suggestions that you have.

RBAC was built to allow extension developers to check user roles for *extensions*. It does not alter roles for the normal functions of Radiant (pages, layouts, snippets). It may do that in the future. I'm personally on the fence about whether or not Radiant should go down the road with a complicated role structure in the core.

Jim Gay

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