Actually, it's things like this that should be added to -- the project is available at Things like ratings, categories, comments, etc, would really round out the site. My only requirement is that it remains compatible with the command-line scripts, which should be easy as long as the XML format isn't modified.


Marty Haught wrote:
Hi Chris,

I believe there's already something in the works for this exact sort
of thing.  I'm not sure of its status but I bet we'll hear shortly. :)
 I think it's almost always better to ping the list first as it would
have sucked if you did register the domain, spent hours whipping it up
only to find another solution that was near to completion but hadn't
been officially launched.


On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 1:40 PM, Christopher Dwan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
*There is a Need: Sorting the piles of extensions*

We need a better way to sort through the piles of extensions that are
cropping up. The wiki isn't cutting it and announcements on the mailing list
don't quite cut it..

*Background: Paperclipped - the relatively unknown and seriously awesome
extension *

I read a mail in the mailing list mentioning Paperclipped.  I remember
seeing something about it a while back but it never stuck in my brain. So I
decided to go check it out. What I found is a page_attachments replacement
that is waaay waay better. However, it wasn't in the list of extensions on
the wiki, which I check regularly to see what's new. This is monumental info
that's not out there!! Tufts of hair almost flew from my head!

*A Dream Was Born: *

So, I decided right there that I was going to register the domain and write a little app for listing extensions by
useful information like when it was created, when it was last updated, what
versions of Radiant it works in and even maybe include a user rating system.
Paperclipped would get 5 stars for me.  Heck, even listing extensions by
category and having search features would be awesome.

*A Dream Died (almost)*

Well, is taken.. so my dream almost ended. I say
'almost' because I can always toss out the idea to the mailing list and,
despite the odds that no one will read this, perhaps something else will
come of it.


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