Christopher Dwan wrote:
*There is a Need: Sorting the piles of extensions*

We need a better way to sort through the piles of extensions that are cropping up. The wiki isn't cutting it and announcements on the mailing list don't quite cut it..

*A Dream Died (almost)*

Well, is taken.. so my dream almost ended. I say 'almost' because I can always toss out the idea to the mailing list and, despite the odds that no one will read this, perhaps something else will come of it.


How about an email address to which an extension writer can send an email when they announce an extension? The email can be checked by a process once a day or something and populate a Radiant CMS site that lists all the extensions and their announcement notices... it doesn't have to be completely automated, but as long as it meets some guidelines, it can post to the site - or create the final page but a human needs to log in and mark the page as Published. (We'll have to think of something to defeat spam bots posting Viagra as a Radiant Extension - I can see how that might work!)

8/30/2008 | 4:20 AM.

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