Andrew Kaspick wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an existing application that I'm converting to a Radiant
> extension and I was wondering what the best thing to do is with respect
> to code I have in my existing applications ApplicationController and
> ApplicationHelper?  I can't redefine the ApplicationController, but I'd
> like to take some of the code I have in it and "extend" Radiant's
> ApplicationController with my own custom code since all of my
> application controllers already derive from ApplicationController.
> Any recommendations on the approach to take?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

I'm thinking that perhaps creating a new base class for a controller is 
the cleanest approach.

class MyNewBaseController < ApplicationController

And all my existing controller derive from MyNewBaseController.

It means I have to update all of my controllers now, but is this how I 
should do it?
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