Hopefully, this helps you get started. However, I do not know how to do some of the fancy things that Shards lets you do - like modify only a part of the UI or something. I don't know (yet) how copy/move adds icons to each row of the page list - I guess I could look at the source, just haven't yet.

I've been meaning to try to take time to write some of that one myself.

Help has a plethora of information about this, both in the documentation it adds to the interface, and in the extension code itself.

Just install Help via "script/extension install help", with "ray:help" if you have Ray installed, or by cloning git://github.com/saturnflyer/ radiant-help-extension.git into vendor/extensions/help

Fire up Radiant and go to:
where you'll find a quick description of how to edit Radiant regions, and go to
where you can view the HELP_developer.rdoc

In /admin/role_help/developer you'll also see a list in the right-hand column of all installed main regions available to edit or alter. These extensions change (there may be more of them) depending on the page that you are on. To see an example, compare the list of Help regions on /admin/role_help/developer to /admin/role_help/admin
I'll be adding more info to it about that.

I even commented the code for creating editable regions in the Radiant interface. Take a look at the help_extension.rb

You can also find more help information with "script/extension install help_inline" which will install Help Inline which actually injects information into the interface. I'm still working on that one to make it even more helpful, but it should really facilitate new users. Help Inline does not depend on Help, but it will have additional features if you have both installed.

And lastly, I'm going to be pulling details off of the wiki for help_use_cases which aims to add more details to the descriptions of the installed tags (to which any extension could also add). Help Use Cases *does* depend on Help.

Jim Gay

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