HI Everyone

Thanks to the hard work of the people involved, especially Casper, Jim, Sean and Andrew (AW?), we have a set of articles now on the Summer Reboot about writing extensions. I would like to invite the inexperienced amongst us (me included) to take a look and try out the methods given there, and provide feedback about whether the information is sufficient - or if something else is needed.

Summer Reboot - http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Summer_Reboot

Also, I'd like to ask the more experienced to take a look and see if there is a need to refactor the Extensions documentation (Chapter 3) to make it more effective. I drew up the table of contents a long time back, so it may need a bit of tweaking.

Thanks everyone for your support! I'd like to remind people to add in whatever they can to the other sections :)

Best regards

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