On 5 Oct 2008, at 00:30, Jay Levitt wrote:

Just a thought I had in the shower:

Most attempts at CMS version control end up reinventing large parts of subversion/git/etc. inside the database. Instead...

Why not use something like FuseFS to implement a filesystem that maps the Radiant asset tree to paths like "/dev/radiant/pages/ home_page"? Then use the version control system of your choice.

That's not wacky, it's a great idea!

The file_system extension was designed for this purpose. Check it out here:


It was originally designed by Sean Cribbs, but I am responsible for maintaining it now. If you choose to try it out, I would recommend taking a backup of your database first, as the behaviour is not entirely predictable. In particular, I would recommend save/load all models at all times. e.g.

rake file_system:save
rake file_system:load

DON'T do this:

rake file_system:save:layouts
rake file_system:load

Which would wipe pages and snippets from your database, preserving only layouts. This is a bug that I plan on fixing asap.

At the moment, the extension doesn't play very well with subversion, so be aware of this if you choose to add the design directory to a svn repository. The reason has to do with subversion placing a hidden .svn directory inside every directory that is under version control. Any scm system that doesn't do this (such as git) should play fine with the file_system extension. I plan on addressing this issue, but haven't decided on the best strategy yet.


[1]: http://ext.radiantcms.org/extensions/

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