Yes, it looks like your version of Radiant is tweaked enough that it may not work. I would suggest disabling extensions one by one until you can get a login. It also is strange that it's redirecting to user/index instead of welcome/login. Does one of your extensions do this?

It may also be related to the request forgery protection that came in 0.6.7. First, edit environment.rb so it uses the :cookie_store for session cookies. You can also do this by doing rake radiant:update, which should replace environment.rb for you. After you've done that, clear any session cookies in your browser, and you should be able to login.


Mario T. Lanza wrote:
I have been on .6.4 for some time and have grown my codebase
substantially, having about a dozen custom extensions and a half dozen
plugins.  Recently, I have attempted to move to the latest version
(.6.9) but I am having a rough go of it.  (I have even moved some of my
extensions from "vendor" to prevent their inclusion.)  I followed the
upgrade instructions.

The front-end of the site seems to display fine.  It's the backend that
won't display.  I can't even reach the login page.

I've attached the portion of the log that I get after typing the
following in the address bar:


I have a markaby filter integrated into the site; however, I can't see
as that should pose any issues since the admin login page doesn't make
use of it.

It may also be that I am having to take the leap to Rails 2 as well and
some things are in need of conversion.

Any ideas?  I've been on this for hours.  :(

Thanks in advance for any leads.


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