Hi everybody

Has anyone thought about the possibility creating a snippet hierarchy? On a site I am currently working on I will have a bunch of snippets which will probably have to be translated into different languages. It would be useful to be able to organise them on the site into a hierarchy. I see two ways of doing this

Easier way:

Still require each snippet to be uniquely named to make the <r:snippet /> unchanged. (i.e. "navigation_english" for an english navigation snippet)

harder way:

Allow snippets to share the same names and then make the <r:snippet /> tag name attribute reflect the category name and the snippet name (i.e. "english_navigation" for a navigation snippet in the english category.)

In either case, in terms of the front-end, copy the tree hierarchy from the pages section. Back-end would require an extra column for parent_id and a type if we wanted to make a category separate from an actual snippet.

I think this could probably be done in an extension but my coding skills are weak weak weak. Anyone tried to do something like this before?


Jeffrey Jones

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