> 5. I also think I sent a pull request to everyone else.  Hope that's the
> right thing to do.

Pull request received and handled.
I cherry-picked your commits instead of merging though, because i think the
tag_list_technorati stuff by ehaselwanter should go in a seperate branch.

6. If all the power goes out somewhere, let me know.  It could possibly be
> my fault, but I'm pretty sure I canceled that in time.

I noticed the lights flickering, but the generators seem to have coped
succesfully ;)
Thanks for your contributions!

Re your Weekly wacky suggestion; we coĆ¹ld rename the extension (I'd prefer
radiant-metatags-extension), but that is not going to stop people from
referring to it as the tags extension, so I'm not too sure if that would
make googling for it easier?..

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